A New Dawn

...carrying potential...We live upon this planet like seeds, like buds ~ nurturing a huge potential within us. A potential of presence, of peace, of love, that is bursting to birth through us.

The phase of the egg, the seed, the bud ~ enclosed, maturing ~ is necessary. We need to protect ourselves while we strengthen our hearts and our own unique being. Yet there comes a time when this protection no longer serves us, it imprisons us.
We feel some isolation, loneliness, ache. Some inner call, a longing to expand, to feel more… to taste more of life, more of love.

It is a call from our heart. It is time.

The opening of our heart takes courage.
The chick does not know what lies outside the egg. The bud does not know what it is opening to.
The chrysalis does not know how to fly.
It takes trust.

It is a journey that is rewarded with increasing peace. Peace of mind, peace of heart. We are gifted with growing compassion, contentment and wellbeing. With increasing love ~ firstly for ourselves.

For as our heart opens it also reveals past pain. Pain that was not buried with the intent to hide anything but simply to stay afloat at the time.
Pain has many faces. Hurt we have felt and swallowed, self criticism, our own sense of inadequacy, survival fears, the fear of rejection, the grief of loss or of betrayal…

hand in handReleasing this pain, step by step, goes hand in hand with opening our heart.

If we do not love ourselves, if we are still too hard on ourselves, we cannot release. Our inner child will not speak of its hurts and fears if our critical part is likely to pounce and to judge it. This only splits us further.
So if we shut down or experience anger, it is simply a symptom: the way we cover the “weakness” we are not ready to reveal, not ready to embrace.

Hence our pain surfaces only as our shell softens ~ as we grow in compassion: our ability to feel, to accept, to forgive, and to love.
This opening of our heart reveals the dark corners of our cellars, the areas where the light of our awareness ~ the light of our love ~ has not yet reached. All our unaired hurts, unloved shadows, unseen fears.

Yet in this light we can forgive and heal any pain we have received, any pain that we have caused.

Thus, as we grow in love, we deepen our self discovery: perhaps some buried grievance we can no longer carry, a protective pattern that no longer serves us, an unloved part of ourselves we can no longer ignore…

Tread gently on this path ~ with compassion, with understanding, with trust, with forgiveness.


It is the path to our blossoming. The unveiling of who we are within.

As we clear the layers, we unburden and expand our human heart. We create space for our potential to flower.
Allowing love to flow through us, freeing our joy, birthing our inner being onto this physical plane.

The butterfly emerges, a seed sprouts in spring, each bud opens to gift its beauty to this Earth.

A Change of Heart

Discover yourself, love yourself. You are creating a new world.”





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amber bali

Amber Dawn

Ubud, Bali

12.12. 2013


By Luis Diaz Morales

21 December 2012

The 21st of December 2012 may have been for some a great disappointment. For others even cause for depression, having put their hopes in a cosmic event that would change their lives. Planetary ascension, DNA transmutation, light body activation, the jump from the 3rd dimension to the 5th one…

The hope for change is normal, and doubtless necessary when it serves as impulse to evolution. The present world situation is challenging, as is the sorrow living deep in the heart of every soul, its divine origin sunken into oblivion. It is human to want to escape, to look for a quick way out of suffering. Do not judge yourself for this, ever. Rather, treat yourself with great compassion and love.

Yet know that every such prophecy implies an unspoken assumption: the rejection of the currently existent. Since I do not like the world as it is, I hope something or somebody will transform it into something else, the longed for coming of the golden age of love and light.
Yes, but what happens to the darkness in this equation? Do we erase, suppress or deny it until it disappears?
Oh friends, this is exactly what humanity has done up to now and the outcome is visible.

unityNo, this is not the way. You have not come to Earth to eliminate one side of duality. Our role is to integrate the opposites inside of us and by extension, in the world. A sacred alchemical work in the depths of the heart.

Darkness is longing for your compassionate attention, it is waiting to be embraced. Oneness is not possible if there is fragmentation within the soul. The New Earth will result from the reconciliation of the dispersed, the separated, the forgotten, the condemned.
God will not do this work for you, but through you. Through the acceptance and the unconditional love of every aspect of your being that lives within you. They are waiting that you welcome them back home, by opening your heart to them. Without judgment; with gratitude.

This is why you are here, this is why we have come.



Luis Diaz Morales

Translated from the Spanish article

by Luis Diaz Morales







Peace of Heart

We all love ourselves when we feel bright and beautiful, but what about when we feel low, insecure, inadequate?

What happens when you look yourself in the eyes and say I love you?We are all human. “I am not good enough – I have not done well enough” is the core fear we are all here to heal. In doing so we find peace, we find (self) love.
For whom indeed are we not good enough? Is it our father, our mother, our partner? They are all our reflections. Are we not our own toughest judge?

Our doubts about others, our fears for the world, all stem from our own insecurities. Yet when we look outside little changes.
Eventually life steers us to seek within. It is there that we discover and heal our inner relationship. Within us lives the critic and the criticized, the condemner and the condemned, the abuser and the victim.

Pain is no one’s favorite topic yet pain becomes our guide. Through tuning into our long buried pain we discover our own self expectation – our own pressure, judgment and criticism. It is when we recognize and really feel the inner hurt and sorrow this harsh self judgment has created to our unloved inner child, that we start to expand our compassion. Towards ourselves and all others.

“We do want to go easy on each other in these times of transition. As we are all experiencing inner transformation and paving the new road as we walk it.”

“So when we see patterns of resistance hanging on in ourselves and others, we can smile warmly at them ~ understanding the insecurities we are all going through as we learn to let go and flow with the stream.”


We cannot transcend what we condemn! Judgment keeps us locked in the loop, in a self-repeating cycle. Whatever we want to let go of, to move beyond, we need to do so with understanding, with gratitude, with grace.

leaf heart“There are no faults in the design…

 So it is not about improving who we are; it’s about finding who we are, and being more than just okay with it: loving it. It’s about our own self discovery, our own reunion with ourselves, and our return to wholeness.
We need to air our love here; to see that we are, and always have been, okay. It is only our own judgment, and that of society, our mirror, that has split us. Therefore it is now only with self love that we can really face our shadow parts without condemning, and thus dividing, ourselves further.

… It is the state of original innocence we never lost, but just misplaced for a while.”  

                                                                                 ~ Introduction, A Change of Heart

“All the great souls who have graced this Earth, and all those who still walk among us, all those who have seen far and wide, come to the same conclusion.

For compassion is a key force that leads us out of separation, guides our hearts out of pain, and reveals our unity with all that is.”
~ Healing of the Human Heart

I have found compassion to be my key. So when my mind gets caught in a tight place of self doubt and judgment, I now respond with, “Don’t even go there :) Thank you for judging me but I am just fine. I love my inner child with all its insecurities, resistance, and habits. I have always done the best I could at the time. Please feel with that!”

And when I make this shift from my mind into my heart I find such compassion and love for the earnest human, earthchild, that I am. The anxiety lightens, the pressure lifts… and I recognize the beauty and perfection of how I am, the play of life, and the present moment.

CHANDRA ART blowing in the breeze

All that matters ~ ALL ~ is that we love ourselves. As we are, where we are. With all we have, and have not, done.
From this place we can love all others. As they are, where they are. This is peace of mind. This is peace of heart.


Pura Vida…



Peace of HeartAmber Dawn

Costa Rica,

March 2013






The Flower Opens

         Dis-covering bliss…


At the core of our being we are at peace, in oneness, in bliss. There are no problems, no fears, no pain. We recognize that all is perfect ~ with ourselves and with the world.

Our life’s journey is towards this center. For we are each a bud, opening ~ to unveil, to experience, that bliss-ed being which is our essential nature.

The easiest way to access that inner peace, that unconditional love, is to know it is already there. We glimpse it when we meditate, make love, sing, dance, or have a massage. Whenever we take down the walls, when our worries fall away…

So we don’t need to create a feeling of bliss. We only need to open the bud’s petals ~ ever so gently ~ to shed the hurts, the doubts, the fears… until love is all that remains.

In fact it is such a natural part of our evolution ~ a simple response to the sun’s warmth ~ that we don’t have to do anything at all. One way or another, that flowering will occur.

Yet to be a willing, choosing, co-creating part of the process is what makes life more fun. To recognize Life as our friend, our guide, our lover… to surrender, release our old personality, and let the layers go.

So we may like to notice that the very largest part of us ~ the infinite being which lies within ~ is already fully at peace, at one, in bliss. And that only on the fragile surface of our being are the petals which keep us closed.

There is no fault in this. We have needed them for our protection, to shelter our inner growth, as a seed needs its hard shell while it matures to readiness. And now, with gentle awareness on those closed petals, with the warmth of our love reflecting the sun’s warmth, we are ready to let go.

It is only in the warmth of love that we can fully open, only with the light of love that we can dare to seek whatever lies within us, and only with the power of love that we have strength.

…When the seed is ready, the outer casing breaks open and a shoot, a sapling, a tree, bursts forth. We take this transformation for granted. Yet it is one of the wonders of nature that the information for a gigantic oak is contained in a tiny acorn. A seed is programmed to be mature at a certain season… it has a certain window of opportunity.

~ The Power of the Human Heart

There is no rush. And yet, the season is right. There is an impulse of evolution, a cosmic wave of love, a tremendous current of awakening that carries us all the way.

Life is not asking us to work hard, to struggle or to suffer. Life is simply asking us to relax, to let go, to go with the flow. To trust its unfolding, to recognize its perfection, to feel its bliss.

So be grateful every time life shows us, “ah, here is another residue of pain, of blame, of insecurity…” ~ for every time we become aware of the next layer, we have the opportunity to dissolve it. Every layer is another petal we open, simply with the loving light of our awareness upon it.

We do not even have to know the exact nature or the cause of all our doubts or hurts. There is no need to go into every event of our childhood or past lives, or every corner of the  human psyche.

It is enough to hold space for our inner child, to allow it to feel and to express. To give it our compassion and our support, our love and our gratitude.

And the flower opens.



The Flower Opens  Amber Dawn


  Sept 7, 2012



Many have noticed the fullness of life increasing. There is much happening at once, new perspectives opening and new feelings arising. As life increases in intensity, we may notice at the same time a growing sense of detachment, calm and inner peace.

In the last decade, our personal growth ~ and humanity’s evolution ~ have been accelerating exponentially. Unresolved issues have been pushed into the open, and fears and hurts have been triggered for healing. We have all done tremendous inner work, and as we clear our own blocks we open our minds and hearts to acknowledge more than ever before.

As we stop to catch our breath on this sometimes bumpy ride, we may ask ourselves, “What is going on here?”

Where are these rapid changes leading us to?

What’s going on is our own inner awakening ~ and that of humankind. Through breakdowns and breakthroughs, life on Earth is shifting. This accelerated evolution is expanding our personalities, our minds and our hearts far beyond what we have been.
The way calls for honesty, sensitivity, humility and love.

We can have little idea, from our current perspective, of the expansion that will unfold on Earth as soon as we are ready.
As we now embrace and dissolve our own shadows we are building our personal integrity and therefore our core strength.

Parallel, in the outer world, old shadowy and abusive power structures are losing their grip on us. Our societies will transform as major disclosures, discoveries and inventions in all areas of life are made public.

We will also learn of, and embrace, other human civilizations ~ which have since long been part of our spiritual and technological development on Earth ~ but there is still a bit time.

We are each being asked to open, and as we do so we are becoming more connected.             Our understanding of ourselves and our world will vastly deepen ~ as we come to see what lies beyond, or rather within, our physical reality. This revelation of our own inner energetic being is the next logical step in our human evolution.

Indeed, our growing appreciation, awareness and presence finally enables us to recognize and reconnect to our own inner life force ~ our higher self, our expanded being ~ the one eternal spirit that resides within us all.

This is the dawning of a new age for mankind ~ as we release the beliefs and judgments that kept us small, as we free ourselves from the shackles of hurt and fear that hitherto held us in the old paradigm. We shall each blossom to our individual, spiritual and psychic potential, and a new world ~ one of heightened awareness, compassion and advanced clean technologies ~ will develop.

Our current homework now is to address whatever holds us back, daring to trust in ourselves and in life’s guidance. To simply prepare ourselves, one day at a time, through the continuous opening of our minds and hearts.




Dawning of a new age

Amber Dawn


Jan 2012

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I am often asked what is the key to a longstanding and fruitful relationship… What has enabled me to work closely with one partner for 25 years through the many changes and challenges of a nomadic lifestyle? Good question!

In one word I would say, “my trust in Life.”

“If you accept that the relationship is here to make you conscious instead of happy then the relationship will offer you salvation.”

               ~ Eckhart Tolle

Life does have a way of first relieving us of our illusions!  But indeed, the more conscious we become ~ the more understanding, more loving, less ruled by our fears and more at peace ~ the better our life becomes.

And what better than a close relationship to push our borders, trigger our insecurities and our hurts, bring out our reactivity and our judgments ~ so we may recognize and move beyond them?

“Through acceptance, approval, and trust in ourselves we notice and release these patterns from within us.            It changes the world around us.”

Hence a favorite line from my book: “Discover yourself, love yourself. You are creating a new world.”

“Our relationships have been the source of much bewilderment and misunderstanding. We finally come to see that they all depend on one thing ~ and the partners and friends we attract are all signposts clearly pointing us towards it: our own inner relationship.

In one way or another, everyone assists us, as we work and play together, on our priceless journey of self discovery and expansion…”  

                                                                                                            ~ Mirrors and Magnets, THE POWER OF THE HUMAN HEART


Every person we attract points us to look within. We may switch partners, our relationships may well improve, but eventually all roads lead back to our own front door.

It is through recognizing our own insecurities that we free ourselves from them. We thus become more relaxed and more steady, and able to move from “reactionship” to true relationship.

“We are breaking mind patterns that have dominated human life since eons.”

~ Eckhart Tolle, A NEW EARTH


These are times of transparency and quickening. As a result of accelerating evolution, our own consciousness ~ and that of humanity ~  is rapidly rising. Disempowering feelings and patterns are being exposed. Things we could live with before, we can now no longer tolerate.

“We are all being brought to release what is not really us and to recognize that which is. To expand the beliefs and roles we have identified with so far, to let go of whatever holds us back, and to discover and accept the shadow parts of ourselves and our loved ones. In this way we become more grounded, more genuine, more open hearted, and closer to our authentic being.”

~ Tough Times for Earthlingsor Blessings in Disguise?

Obviously, these times of rapid expansion greatly affect our relationships. Our ideal of a relationship is that it brings out the best in us and in our partners. Yet in the last decade (known by some as the Mayan age of integrity ~ wholeness) it has been primordial that our relationships also bring out the worst in each other. This has been a huge part of the role of relationships. Now that may explain some things!

For if we don’t see and accept the shadow parts within us how can we really become whole? And by bringing our shadows to the light we have done each other a huge favor in self discovery, self approval, and expansion. For we cannot transcend what we condemn. There is no way to move on without acknowledgment and integration of our own shadow traits.

Through this brave and bumpy journey of revelation and self discovery we stand stronger in our integrity ~ our own wholeness ~ our self love, and hence on our own two feet. If we find we are not supported by others, perhaps we are meant to find our own approval first…

 “Not seeking our own fulfillment outside of ourselves enables us to accept others just as they are. As they no longer have to fulfill what we have not found in ourselves, we don’t have to improve on them…” (out of our own insecurities.)

And once this work is done we can attract a different reflection. Either with the same partner or with a new one.

“The oak and the cyprus grow not in each other’s shadow.”                                                                                                                                                      ~ Kahlil Gibran

Many couples have separated simply because they have finished their work together, helped each other to where they are now, and are each ready for the next step.

… And separation can be the celebration of a step well accomplished.

Other couples, friends and families are now reconnecting, as they recognize and get over their inner hurts, judgment and blame. We are all learning to accept and appreciate others as they are, where they are, and to look more within ourselves.

Whatever our relationships, “We do want to go easy on each other in these times of transition, as we are all experiencing inner transformation and paving the new road as we go…

Our human heart is growing in this way, for we can feel that we are all going through the same process and the same issues. In doing so we are taking down the walls that have stood between us. We come to respect and value each other for our efforts and we birth greater compassion for our fellow humans.

We are moving beyond the roles we have all been playing together… We then relate with greater sensitivity and respect, not as spouses, or parents, or advisors, but from one individual to another.

…All over the world the face of relationships is changing, not only between couples, but also family members, friends and associates. It is a part of the upgrading we are experiencing, part of the whole change of mind and heart that is now sweeping the planet. It is part of the age of ethics and integrity we are in, part of the impulse of evolution.”

                                                                                                                     ~ THE POWER OF THE HUMAN HEART


It is part, too, of our coming to realize that we are all One.



going deeper

Amber Dawn

Sedona, Arizona

Nov, 2011

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Tough Times for Earthlings… or Blessings well Disguised?

Most people are finding life rather full-on these days. Many are experiencing increased intensity, emotional and physical challenges and changes. This is not an individual happening due to mistakes, misfortune or mid-life crisis! It is part of a collective process ~ a quickening of human evolution ~ that is written in the stars.

This is not because life is being beastly to us! Each challenge is a blessing in disguise, steering us to further awakening. These are times of tremendous understanding, release, healing and personal growth ~ but in order to expand we do have to notice our inner hurts, doubts and fears.

At some stage in our personal evolution we all have to go through this process of deep self discovery ~ more or less smoothly depending on how we take it. It is an inevitable part of our growing in love and our return to wholeness.

So life has been putting us through and bringing out all the elements ~ within ourselves, others and life itself ~ that we have yet to accept and appreciate: all our inner doubts, all our unaired hurts and all our unloved shadows.

Uncomfy as this may feel at times, we do want to recognize our deep core beliefs, feelings and patterns because, unheeded, they are the very force within us that attracts unwanted happenings towards us. (For the sole purpose of bringing these buried feelings to our attention!)

And as we find and embrace the small, less glorious, unloved parts within us ~ recognizing all our habitual emotional patterns to be simply part of the insecurity of the human psyche ~ we grow vastly in compassion, wholeness, trust and peace of mind.

We are all being brought to release what is not really us and to recognize that which is. To expand the beliefs and roles we have identified with so far, to let go of whatever holds us back, and to discover and accept the shadow parts of ourselves and our loved ones. In this way we become more grounded, more genuine, more open hearted, and closer to our authentic being.


This awakening has been an accelerating process since years and is increasing in intensity as our unconscious, unloved parts become noticeably out of tune with the rising consciousness on Earth.

“These times can look dark and troubled, but remember: the brighter the light, the darker the shadows. It is because we have done the first steps in self love that embracing the shadow is simply the next thing on the list!”


Let’s be very clear here: our shadow parts are not the problem. Repressing and condemning them ~ cause we have been told they are bad ~ is. This splits us, isolating us from deep feelings (such as inadequacy, mistrust, hurt, and hence reactive control patterns) that we are here to heal.

Understanding the shadow effect*, how it rules our daily lives, and the importance of our inner reconciliation in these times, is of utmost value.

Not only is our personal shadow reflected by what we attract, but also our collective shadow is magnified in our worldwide situation. (Read a key passage from The Power of the Human Heart: The Shadow in the Mirror)

As an interconnected part of the human consciousness, our greatest contribution to the uniting of humankind is to dissolve separation by creating peace and harmony within ourselves.

So the ride these days may not always be that comfy, yet it offers us huge benefits (far greater than Social Security!)

With every wave we surf we become clearer, better understanding the process and the gifts of going with the flow. We become more accepting and appreciative of the perfect set-up of life, and trusting in it to perfectly guide us to our full human potential and destiny.



count your blessings

Amber Dawn

Joshua Tree, California

Summer 2011


FOR MORE INFO on these revealing and healing times, you may like to read two key passages:


* For those who seek to increase self understanding, love  and inner peace, by recognizing and embracing our own repressed shadow sides ~ I well recommend THE SHADOW EFFECT film (interactive version) by Debbie Ford