A New Dawn


I highly recommend this insightful book and couldn’t put it down. Extraordinary journey and wisdom… A truly inspiring and uplifting read… it will change your life.

~ Rick Pursell, author of Cause No Harm, founder of                   Namaste Retreat Center, Bali

I am absolutely loving it…. At times it is like you are writing about my own struggles, triumphs and evolution… Your spirit shines through on every page.

~ Shannon Logan, Canada

WOW! what a wonderful surprise. You really tell it like it is…so much good info… I love your travel stories interspersed with your wisdom and take on life.

        ~Julie Oliver, Australia

I love your writing Amber ~ so clear and clean and so true.

 ~ International astrologer Paul Six, www.paulsix.com

It was a great reminder and awaking, thanks!  You really confirm what is going on…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ~ Joyce Martini, California

A really good blueprint manual for our times… down to earth, easily understandable, beautifully written. Really important for those glimpsing the new world, the new paradigm…

 ~ Kim Kindersley, film director, producer of Whale Dreamers

Your book has helped me to trust that, as I head into new and uncharted waters of my current phase in life, that all is well ~ in fact, it’s much better than just well…          Going with the flow, despite my conditioned resistance and fear… It is joy.

Your message is life affirming and helps point the way. Much gratitude.

         ~ Richard McFarland-Dorworth, Ubud, Bali

This book offers a soul-map and life journey to inspire new and ongoing awakening for personal and global transformation. Is there any other alternative?        Broad in scope and passionate in its simple, heart-centered core message, this timely book serves – like The Aquarian Conspiracy of a generation before – to light the way to the infinite promise (and necessity) of the present moment and the era opening before us.

This is no airy-fairy panacea, mind you – rather an appeal to grounded truth… 

~ Nowick Gray, www.alternativeculture.com

Wow! I love your book… Your nomadic life and personal journey has obviously paid off! Your book is so profound and insightful, yet so simple in it’s approach. It will continue to be a guiding light for me on my path. I applaud you for speaking about the heart, from your heart….

~ Francesca Mermy, New York

I read your book every night before sleep. It’s my HUGE comfort each evening. I can’t tell you how much I am getting from it, and the inspiration…

~ Rhonda Lynn Hayes, High Desert, CA

My friend Lana read your book in 10 days, said it changed her life and started to read it again from the beginning. 

~ Bert, Joshua Tree

 I have been savoring your book! It has been like a lighthouse through my travels… It always brings me back to the point of it all.

~ Eden Moss, San Francisco Bay Area

 Your book called me, pulled me in, made me cry and made me giggle. It inspired me and reassured me. It loved me all the way and I loved it back. Thank you…  

~ Anna, Chiang Mai, Thailand