By Luis Diaz Morales

21 December 2012

The 21st of December 2012 may have been for some a great disappointment. For others even cause for depression, having put their hopes in a cosmic event that would change their lives. Planetary ascension, DNA transmutation, light body activation, the jump from the 3rd dimension to the 5th one…

The hope for change is normal, and doubtless necessary when it serves as impulse to evolution. The present world situation is challenging, as is the sorrow living deep in the heart of every soul, its divine origin sunken into oblivion. It is human to want to escape, to look for a quick way out of suffering. Do not judge yourself for this, ever. Rather, treat yourself with great compassion and love.

Yet know that every such prophecy implies an unspoken assumption: the rejection of the currently existent. Since I do not like the world as it is, I hope something or somebody will transform it into something else, the longed for coming of the golden age of love and light.
Yes, but what happens to the darkness in this equation? Do we erase, suppress or deny it until it disappears?
Oh friends, this is exactly what humanity has done up to now and the outcome is visible.

unityNo, this is not the way. You have not come to Earth to eliminate one side of duality. Our role is to integrate the opposites inside of us and by extension, in the world. A sacred alchemical work in the depths of the heart.

Darkness is longing for your compassionate attention, it is waiting to be embraced. Oneness is not possible if there is fragmentation within the soul. The New Earth will result from the reconciliation of the dispersed, the separated, the forgotten, the condemned.
God will not do this work for you, but through you. Through the acceptance and the unconditional love of every aspect of your being that lives within you. They are waiting that you welcome them back home, by opening your heart to them. Without judgment; with gratitude.

This is why you are here, this is why we have come.



Luis Diaz Morales

Translated from the Spanish article

by Luis Diaz Morales