A New Dawn

2012 is not the end of the world ~ IT IS a new dawn

In the last decade the intensity of life has been increasing. Arising feelings, changes and insights ask us to expand ~ our personalities, beliefs and hearts.
As we trust to let go, move on, and grow in compassion, deep shifts are taking place ~ for we cannot transcend what we condemn.
Buried shadow areas ~ both within us and on our planet ~ are being brought to the light of love. The old world paradigm is coming down, as we enter a new time on Earth.
This is the dawn of an individual and global Awakening that will forever transform our understanding and our societies.

If you are looking for:

  • how to go smoothly with the flow of change
  • a strong foundation of self love, fulfillment and trust in life
  • greater awareness of our inner Self
  • recognizing the ever-guiding, interactive nature of our world
  • the larger purpose of our lives and the significant role you play…

Welcome… to A New Dawn

As we awaken, the fullness of life increases. The aim of this site is to present the practical insight and information that guides, supports and empowers us through these fast evolving times.

Hence many key parts of my book can be read here ~ as well as short articles on the Newspage. (Latest post: The Opening of the Heart)

I am a big picture person and the info I present here covers a range of topics ~ from our vital strength in self love and trust in life… to recognizing the multidimensional reality of our world. If some of this expansive info seems a bit far out for you, focus on the topics that interest and serve you.
You may also enjoy our beautiful uplifting songs on Sacred Songs.
Songs of heart, songs of spirit, songs of celebration…

The Time Is Now

The truth of these times is what we can well feel within us: an increase of happening, intensity and internal renewal. This is a time of transition ~ of inner awakening, challenges and changes…

How can we enjoy the ride?

  • Peace lies in our full trust ~ in ourselves, others, and life as our guide
  • To understand what is going on, why, and where it is leading us to, is uplifting and empowering
  • To align ~ to let go and expand ~ makes our way smoother
  • Remember ~ and this is the discovery of modern physics ~ what we believe in is what we create for ourselves

Life is speeding up technologically, intellectually, biologically and energetically. What is humanity’s growing awareness leading up to?

On our planet…consciousness is awakening from the dream of form

~ Eckhart Tolle

There is more to this world than meets the eye. What we see now is just the tip of the iceberg. Indeed our lives are just beginning…

As our gradual awaking from sleep every morning leads us to be awake, our spiritual awakening also leads us to Awaken. This is a new state of being ~ with our full consciousness present in this physical world.

This Awakening is the logical next step of our human evolution.
So far we have been separated from our expanded self, our full awareness, the whole being that we are. Through the opening of our eyes and hearts ~ as we shed the layers of doubts, hurts and fears that kept us in separation ~ we feel ourselves reconnecting. The veil thins.

As a critical mass tips the scales, the veil lifts. We come to recognize our oneness with each other and all that is ~ and the living energy within that unites all life.
This awakening, this revelation, brings about the end of separation, abuse and struggle… launching a new age of heightened awareness, vast social changes and clean energy technologies. It is already underway.

How do we each, now, participate in this Shift? By healing our hurts and fears, opening our minds and hearts, growing in presence, gratitude and love…

Other information you will find in my book and on this site includes:

  • How to integrate, to ground, this quickening of evolution
  • Evidence of interaction with advanced off-planetary human cultures
  • How it feels to discover our inner, eternal, energetic existence
  • What is “Being in the Now?”

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