We all love ourselves when we feel bright and beautiful, but what about when we feel low, insecure, inadequate?

What happens when you look yourself in the eyes and say I love you?We are all human. “I am not good enough – I have not done well enough” is the core fear we are all here to heal. In doing so we find peace, we find (self) love.
For whom indeed are we not good enough? Is it our father, our mother, our partner? They are all our reflections. Are we not our own toughest judge?

Our doubts about others, our fears for the world, all stem from our own insecurities. Yet when we look outside little changes.
Eventually life steers us to seek within. It is there that we discover and heal our inner relationship. Within us lives the critic and the criticized, the condemner and the condemned, the abuser and the victim.

Pain is no one’s favorite topic yet pain becomes our guide. Through tuning into our long buried pain we discover our own self expectation – our own pressure, judgment and criticism. It is when we recognize and really feel the inner hurt and sorrow this harsh self judgment has created to our unloved inner child, that we start to expand our compassion. Towards ourselves and all others.

“We do want to go easy on each other in these times of transition. As we are all experiencing inner transformation and paving the new road as we walk it.”

“So when we see patterns of resistance hanging on in ourselves and others, we can smile warmly at them ~ understanding the insecurities we are all going through as we learn to let go and flow with the stream.”


We cannot transcend what we condemn! Judgment keeps us locked in the loop, in a self-repeating cycle. Whatever we want to let go of, to move beyond, we need to do so with understanding, with gratitude, with grace.

leaf heart“There are no faults in the design…

 So it is not about improving who we are; it’s about finding who we are, and being more than just okay with it: loving it. It’s about our own self discovery, our own reunion with ourselves, and our return to wholeness.
We need to air our love here; to see that we are, and always have been, okay. It is only our own judgment, and that of society, our mirror, that has split us. Therefore it is now only with self love that we can really face our shadow parts without condemning, and thus dividing, ourselves further.

… It is the state of original innocence we never lost, but just misplaced for a while.”  

                                                                                 ~ Introduction, A Change of Heart

“All the great souls who have graced this Earth, and all those who still walk among us, all those who have seen far and wide, come to the same conclusion.

For compassion is a key force that leads us out of separation, guides our hearts out of pain, and reveals our unity with all that is.”
~ Healing of the Human Heart

I have found compassion to be my key. So when my mind gets caught in a tight place of self doubt and judgment, I now respond with, “Don’t even go there :) Thank you for judging me but I am just fine. I love my inner child with all its insecurities, resistance, and habits. I have always done the best I could at the time. Please feel with that!”

And when I make this shift from my mind into my heart I find such compassion and love for the earnest human, earthchild, that I am. The anxiety lightens, the pressure lifts… and I recognize the beauty and perfection of how I am, the play of life, and the present moment.

CHANDRA ART blowing in the breeze

All that matters ~ ALL ~ is that we love ourselves. As we are, where we are. With all we have, and have not, done.
From this place we can love all others. As they are, where they are. This is peace of mind. This is peace of heart.


Pura Vida…



Peace of HeartAmber Dawn

Costa Rica,

March 2013