A New Dawn

“Discover yourself. Love yourself. You are creating a new world.”           ~ A Gift of Love


“None of us got here by mistake.”

~ Introduction: A Change of Heart

“Any reluctance to embrace the future comes from the hurt and fear we still carry ~ due to not realizing that life has always been, and will always be, our friend.”

~ A Change of Heart

“Unshakeable strength lies in understanding, acceptance and trust ~ in ourselves, our world and the process of Life.”

~ The Befriending

“…It is the original state of innocence we never lost, but just misplaced for a while.”

~ A Change of Heart


“In quietness we remember, and the more we remember the less we are bound.”

~ The Time is Now

“The word surrender has to us a negative connotation. But in fact it is most beautiful, because it is a doorway to the beyond. Surrender is full acceptance, allowance and approval of the way things are. It is the recognition that there is absolute intelligence behind the workings of the universe.”

~ India my Love

“We live only once… but that’s forever.”

~ The Myth of Death

“Death is not an end, it is an expansion. It is not a sleep, it is waking up.”

~ The Myth of Death


“We are currently sheltered in this dream reality, protected from seeing too much too soon ~ for if we saw the glory of it all at once we could crumble in comparison. Seeds await enclosed in the darkness of the earth, and one spring day they burst forth.

We can trust that when we are ready, the door opens.”

~ Beyond the Veil

When the seed is ready, the outer casing breaks open and a shoot, a sapling, a tree, bursts forth. We take this transformation for granted. Yet it is one of the wonders of nature that the information for a gigantic oak is contained in a tiny acorn. A seed is programmed to be mature at a certain season. For the seed to open the time and the conditions must be right; it has a certain window of opportunity.”

~ Ode to the Ego


Knowing what we are going through and where we are headed                                                                                                                             makes the otherwise bumpy journey a lot smoother.

~ A Shift of Feeling

“This is the era of our awakening. Everyone is part of this change. Not everyone is aware of this and not everyone need be… Yet to catch a glimpse of it inspires and encourages us. It allows us to understand, when something feels like it is going pear shaped, that what we are going through every day is part of freeing ourselves and humankind.”

~ A Shift of Feeling

“Everything is interrelated and, whatever the intention or appearance, is working inevitably in the same direction: towards our awakening.”

~ Evolution in Progress


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