...carrying potential...We live upon this planet like seeds, like buds ~ nurturing a huge potential within us. A potential of presence, of peace, of love, that is bursting to birth through us.

The phase of the egg, the seed, the bud ~ enclosed, maturing ~ is necessary. We need to protect ourselves while we strengthen our hearts and our own unique being. Yet there comes a time when this protection no longer serves us, it imprisons us.
We feel some isolation, loneliness, ache. Some inner call, a longing to expand, to feel more… to taste more of life, more of love.

It is a call from our heart. It is time.

The opening of our heart takes courage.
The chick does not know what lies outside the egg. The bud does not know what it is opening to.
The chrysalis does not know how to fly.
It takes trust.

It is a journey that is rewarded with increasing peace. Peace of mind, peace of heart. We are gifted with growing compassion, contentment and wellbeing. With increasing love ~ firstly for ourselves.

For as our heart opens it also reveals past pain. Pain that was not buried with the intent to hide anything but simply to stay afloat at the time.
Pain has many faces. Hurt we have felt and swallowed, self criticism, our own sense of inadequacy, survival fears, the fear of rejection, the grief of loss or of betrayal…

hand in handReleasing this pain, step by step, goes hand in hand with opening our heart.

If we do not love ourselves, if we are still too hard on ourselves, we cannot release. Our inner child will not speak of its hurts and fears if our critical part is likely to pounce and to judge it. This only splits us further.
So if we shut down or experience anger, it is simply a symptom: the way we cover the “weakness” we are not ready to reveal, not ready to embrace.

Hence our pain surfaces only as our shell softens ~ as we grow in compassion: our ability to feel, to accept, to forgive, and to love.
This opening of our heart reveals the dark corners of our cellars, the areas where the light of our awareness ~ the light of our love ~ has not yet reached. All our unaired hurts, unloved shadows, unseen fears.

Yet in this light we can forgive and heal any pain we have received, any pain that we have caused.

Thus, as we grow in love, we deepen our self discovery: perhaps some buried grievance we can no longer carry, a protective pattern that no longer serves us, an unloved part of ourselves we can no longer ignore…

Tread gently on this path ~ with compassion, with understanding, with trust, with forgiveness.


It is the path to our blossoming. The unveiling of who we are within.

As we clear the layers, we unburden and expand our human heart. We create space for our potential to flower.
Allowing love to flow through us, freeing our joy, birthing our inner being onto this physical plane.

The butterfly emerges, a seed sprouts in spring, each bud opens to gift its beauty to this Earth.

A Change of Heart

Discover yourself, love yourself. You are creating a new world.”





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amber bali

Amber Dawn

Ubud, Bali

12.12. 2013