Dis-covering bliss…


At the core of our being we are at peace, in oneness, in bliss. There are no problems, no fears, no pain. We recognize that all is perfect ~ with ourselves and with the world.

Our life’s journey is towards this center. For we are each a bud, opening ~ to unveil, to experience, that bliss-ed being which is our essential nature.

The easiest way to access that inner peace, that unconditional love, is to know it is already there. We glimpse it when we meditate, make love, sing, dance, or have a massage. Whenever we take down the walls, when our worries fall away…

So we don’t need to create a feeling of bliss. We only need to open the bud’s petals ~ ever so gently ~ to shed the hurts, the doubts, the fears… until love is all that remains.

In fact it is such a natural part of our evolution ~ a simple response to the sun’s warmth ~ that we don’t have to do anything at all. One way or another, that flowering will occur.

Yet to be a willing, choosing, co-creating part of the process is what makes life more fun. To recognize Life as our friend, our guide, our lover… to surrender, release our old personality, and let the layers go.

So we may like to notice that the very largest part of us ~ the infinite being which lies within ~ is already fully at peace, at one, in bliss. And that only on the fragile surface of our being are the petals which keep us closed.

There is no fault in this. We have needed them for our protection, to shelter our inner growth, as a seed needs its hard shell while it matures to readiness. And now, with gentle awareness on those closed petals, with the warmth of our love reflecting the sun’s warmth, we are ready to let go.

It is only in the warmth of love that we can fully open, only with the light of love that we can dare to seek whatever lies within us, and only with the power of love that we have strength.

…When the seed is ready, the outer casing breaks open and a shoot, a sapling, a tree, bursts forth. We take this transformation for granted. Yet it is one of the wonders of nature that the information for a gigantic oak is contained in a tiny acorn. A seed is programmed to be mature at a certain season… it has a certain window of opportunity.

~ The Power of the Human Heart

There is no rush. And yet, the season is right. There is an impulse of evolution, a cosmic wave of love, a tremendous current of awakening that carries us all the way.

Life is not asking us to work hard, to struggle or to suffer. Life is simply asking us to relax, to let go, to go with the flow. To trust its unfolding, to recognize its perfection, to feel its bliss.

So be grateful every time life shows us, “ah, here is another residue of pain, of blame, of insecurity…” ~ for every time we become aware of the next layer, we have the opportunity to dissolve it. Every layer is another petal we open, simply with the loving light of our awareness upon it.

We do not even have to know the exact nature or the cause of all our doubts or hurts. There is no need to go into every event of our childhood or past lives, or every corner of the  human psyche.

It is enough to hold space for our inner child, to allow it to feel and to express. To give it our compassion and our support, our love and our gratitude.

And the flower opens.



The Flower Opens  Amber Dawn


  Sept 7, 2012