We are all healers. We heal every day, every time we work on our insecurities, our emotions or our hurts; every time we choose to expand to more openness, more happiness, and more peace. So whenever the going is rough, and you are dealing with self doubt, negativity, fears, or loss, remember that each tiny step you do not only changes your own life, but also brings us all forwards. Each task and each person is precious because it is through us that humanity awakens. Through uplifting ourselves out of the old mindset of struggle, strife and suffering we help to turn the tide.

“Each small candle lights a corner of the dark.”                                                                                                                                       ~ Roger Waters, lyrics

The struggles we have all experienced are not essentially ours, but part of the “Dark Ages” humanity is now coming out of. We need not identify with our struggles or feel bad about our weaknesses. The fear-based patterns of insufficiency, lack and survival still live in the human psyche. We inherited these patterns. It is our choice to continue to use them or not. We can close the curtains or the pop up and change the scene.

Now, more than ever, we can choose to become part of a planetary change-of-Mind, a shift from victimhood to understanding and from insecurity to trust; from unworthiness to self love and from unconsciousness to light.

This is our “morale” obligation: to change our mind from worrywart to vision holder.

… In doing so, not only do we improve our lives, we also become part of a contagious healing that is quickly spreading from one cell to the next. Each of us is a tiny cell of the global body and brain. Each of us cells is transforming itself, becoming more conscious, and thus contributes to the global change of Mind.


… So many different roads we have all traveled, so many different walkabouts. Yet what I see is that people everywhere have largely made the same experiences. We have all gone through similar dramas to reach the same feelings. We are more understanding now, more tolerant, more open, more firm on our own feet and more clear on what we want. And we all want the same. Peace for our families, time for our friends, a fun and friendly world. And we will get that. For there is nothing more powerful than unity of intention.

We have been separated and kept in fear of each other, but finally we are becoming aware that we are all one people, one mind, one heart. Not everyone is on the same page perhaps but we are all in the same book: “Planet Earth: Why am I here?”

To me, and indeed to many, it feels like we are coming out of the dark ages. It is a blessing to be embodied here at this time. An unstoppable wave of evolutionary energy is embracing the planet. Strictly speaking, consciousness is not evolving, since consciousness is already evolved. It is rather that our physical matter is becoming gradually filled, increasingly imbued, with consciousness.

The light is starting to come through.

We are, in physical reality, “downloading:” bringing the light of our spirit into matter. Anchoring spirit in the material plane, en-lightening it. Anchoring consciousness into matter, or rather ~ into the heart of the matter. We often “know” something intellectually, and yet it is a gradual process to fully realize it, apply it, and integrate it into our daily lives until it becomes embedded in our being. This process is the anchoring of awareness in the physical plane.

To “incorporate” is a most descriptive word. “Corpus” is Latin for body. We are, as a matter of fact, in-corp-orating changes: we are bringing them into the body, downloading them into the physical realm, anchoring them in our very cells.

We are the link, the human bridge. Through our work, our openness, our vision and our love, we are all helping to shift our physical world into a lighter, less dense vibration.