A New Dawn

The Awakening: a leap in evolution

The genuine information on these times, once sifted out from all the hype, is awe-inspiring. Now, we humans hardly ever feel ready for change ~ yet life has an uncanny knack of knowing exactly when we are. :)

The accelerating times we are experiencing are scientifically shown to be the result of increased light intensity from the photon belt and the sun. Spiritually we feel this evolutionary impulse as an inner awakening, and the desire to make changes and move on.

Our human race is rapidly evolving. We don’t even have a say in the matter! Our choice ~ what makes a difference to the smoothness of our lives ~ is how willingly we go with the flow.

It is the rising level of consciousness on Earth that is causing the accelerated changes and challenges we are going through. Whatever is not loved within us and around us becomes noticeably off key, prompting us to recognize and attend to these issues.

During these times of transition we do well to realize how life guides our awakening ~ as it makes the journey more enjoyable! We see how the outer world ~ and all we attract ~ reflects our inner beliefs and stored pain. It thus reveals our own unloved shadow parts ~ so we may each recognize them, accept them, and return to wholeness: at peace, in full agreement with ourselves and with life.

This is the original state of innocence that humanity never lost, but just misplaced for a while.

So these times are calling for a massive healing of hearts, for which we are each here to do our part ~ for ourselves and for all humanity. And as we dissolve our hurts and our fears, we literally, physically, change our reflection: the 3D world.

Our Journey of Awakening

From struggle to peace ~ From separation to reconnection

Any reluctance towards the future comes from the hurt and fear we still carry ~ due to not realizing that life has always been, and will always be, our friend. Hence the idea of any shift may seem either unrealistic or daunting ~ until we have regained full trust in ourselves and in the guiding process of Life.
We eventually come to see that even our suffering is never due to our failure or punishment but serves to guide us in our individual growth. In fact, our entire lives have been preparing us for the next leap in our collective evolution:

the Awakening of the human race.

A unique window of opportunity is on the horizon

We are indeed being offered a quantum leap in evolution: the chance to collectively create a fully new world ~ beyond abuse, victimhood and suffering. To achieve this step, since the outer world is always the mirror of our core beliefs, it is essential that we each release self doubt, struggle and stored pain, and that we shift our feelings to greater love, acceptance and trust.

Through sharing a deeper understanding of life, THE POWER OF THE HUMAN HEART provides the puzzle pieces to do so.

We are breaking mind patterns that have dominated human life since eons. ~ Eckhart Tolle

Through better understanding the truly supportive and interactive nature of our world, we grow in awareness, appreciation and creative power. We do this for our personal freedom and fulfillment as part of the Awakening of humankind.

Some would like to scare us over the future. Yet they are simply the reflection of our own shadow traits: helping us to recognize our own patterns, doubts and fears.

And as we increase our self approval and self love we increase our ability to believe in, and thus create, a better world for ourselves.

As we lighten our own feelings we co-create the shift of our planetary reality. Especially in this changing age, an era of conscious co-creation, our core beliefs and feelings have tremendous influence on our lives. Dr. Masaru Emoto has shown how our feelings affect water and the formation of ice crystals. Indeed, our human hearts have been scientifically monitored to actually alter the very electro-magnetic field that forms our physical world.

As our feelings shift, so does our worldly reflection.

Each of us, through our own expansion, is contributing to humanity’s journey.
No work has been wasted, no lives have been in vain. We are all shifting the human psyche from insecurity to trust, from hurt to gratitude, from separation to oneness ~ from the dark to the dawn.

Our relationship to ourselves is a key factor because we are a bridge: it is through our fundamental inner relationship that we each facilitate the light of consciousness, the light of love, to become increasingly present in our world.

We cannot transcend what we condemn. It is the expansion of our hearts ~ our growing in approval and appreciation of ourselves, others, and our world ~ that dissolves all bonds and finally enables us to see beyond our current linear time-space reality.

We are in the midst of a momentous event in the evolution of human consciousness, but they won’t be talking about it on the news tonight. On our planet… consciousness is awakening from the dream of form. ~ Eckhart Tolle, A NEW EARTH

Awakening from the dream of form ~ What is meant by this?

In THE POWER OF THE HUMAN HEART I describe my spontaneous shifts into “the Now” ~ which occur when the mind stops running ~ and my further discoveries of the energy realm that is the base of all physical life.

These experiences reveal our own greater existence ~ that which extends beyond our three-dimensional perception.

Indeed, our being always spans a wide range of dimensions, but our mind, our left brain actually, limits our awareness to our life within the physical body: to 3D reality. This has been necessary for our individual development, but we are coming to the end of that gestation phase. We are soon to recognize and embrace our own extended self: the infinite, eternal part of our being.

There is nothing scary about reuniting with this inner self. I describe my own and others’ experiences. It is an eye-opener, a heart-opener, and a new beginning. It is a homecoming, a merging with our all-knowing spiritual identity. When the veil lifts we discover who we truly are.

Having long been isolated as separate, mortal individuals, this “opening of the worlds” ~ this revelation ~ unveils our connectedness, our oneness and our multidimensional existence. Connectedness within ourselves; between us all; and between our own human race and the off-planetary human cultures that have long been part of our civilizations and our development.

The less hurt we carry, the less fear we hold and the more love we can anchor on the planet, the smoother and the more rewarding our birthing of a new Earth paradigm will be.

In fact it is by making this very shift within ourselves, in our own core beliefs, that we actually transform the vibration on this planet to a new frequency, thus ~ through the power of our human hearts~ creating a new world.

This is our sacred journey.