A New Dawn

THE POWER OF THE HUMAN HEART is a tool for expansion. Through entertaining and inspiring stories of my own nomadic life, it offers new perspectives, more meaning to our life, and greater appreciation of ourselves and the world.

It gently invites us to recognize the perfect set-up of Life ~ and thus dissolve our doubts, hurts and fears.

Insightful and uplifting, it paints…

  • Eye-opening experiences and information that instill deep trust
  • A larger picture ~ by linking together many puzzle pieces of our past and daily lives ~ that highlights our true journey and purpose
  • A beautiful vision and prophecy of humanity’s Awakening that reminds us of our potential and destiny.

By recognizing our lives’ role on Earth we come to embrace all aspects of ourselves and our world. We shift to greater understanding and compassion ~ beyond the dualistic movie of good and bad, beyond judgment, abuse and victim hood.

We thus deepen our love of life and the connection to our inner guidance ~ expanding our daily awareness, core strength, joy and peace of mind.

For all those who sense there is more to life than meets the eye, THE POWER OF THE HUMAN HEART is a timely reminder of who we are, what we are really doing here and the value of our individual influence.



Throwing light on our insecurities, our shadows and self judgment, this transformative book deepens our relationship to ourselves, to others and to Life itself. Supporting us to trust and open, to integrate and love, to connect and ground the spirit within.

“Amongst other material, I share my experience of the law of attraction, my understanding of the role of suffering, and the keys to dropping victim hood. I describe my openings to unconditional love, and instances of finding myself “in the now” ~ the timeless zone between our thoughts ~ and some portals that take us there. I speak too of the changing ages and how they affect our daily lives. I describe “the Quickening” foreseen by the Maya thousands of years ago. I give numerous examples of the interconnected nature of our world and of our multilayered existence. And I portray my own discoveries of my energetic being and the energy world: that which lies beyond, or rather within, our physical reality.”

~ Introduction: A Change of Heart

 The bigger picture

There is indeed more to life than meets the eye…  In this book I invite you to journey with me through  some rather eye-opening life experiences ~ which reveal the interconnected and lovingly supportive nature of our multilayered world.

We come to recognize that everything is interrelated and ~ whatever the appearance and apparent intention ~ works inevitably in the same direction: towards our awakening.

And certainly in these changing times, knowing what we are going through and where we are headed encourages us on our way, and makes the otherwise bumpy journey a lot smoother!

Seeing ourselves and the world in a new light empowers us with the understanding, self love and trust we need to fully embrace life.

We thus both create and accomplish the upcoming transformation on offer: to step up to a fully new level of human existence.


How we receive, integrate and maintain this level of awareness depends solely on the openness of our minds and hearts.




“Why is the intensity of life increasing? What changes are we going through, and why? How to go smoothly with the flow of accelerating changes and align with our life’s purpose?……..”