A New Dawn

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Namaste! Aloha!

We each have our own walkabout, yet we are all on the same journey.

I grew up in numerous countries, and because none of them felt like home to me traveling came naturally. Much of my adult life was lived in India, the Nepali Himalayas, the South Pacific islands and Bali.

With the gift of time I became a humanitarian, an Earth lover, a celebrator, free-thinker and visionary.

I often thank this nomadic lifestyle, my own experiences of the energy realm, and my lifelong inquiry into deep meanings and human potential. For they granted me a broader understanding of our world, and made my wild road smoother.

I am not pretending to know the whole truth, or your truth. I am simply painting the pictures that make sense to me, which have given my life clarity, direction and greater peace…

~ Introduction, A CHANGE OF HEART

Along my path a number of unusual challenges, eye-opening experiences and inspiring breakthroughs totally transformed my own outlook on life. They shifted my view from judgment to compassion, from hurt to gratitude, and from insecurity to trust.

These stories are the backdrop of a book that is not only about my own travels but about the awesome journey we all embarked upon when we enrolled into life on this planet. Our journey from victim-hood to awakening, from struggle to peace, from the dark to the dawn.

And as we enlighten our own feelings, we co-create the shift of our planetary reality.

Like so many sensitive souls, I was for long hoping to escape from this plane! It took me time to realize the perfect set up of this world… and that it is through accepting, embracing and loving it that we allow our spirit ~ our presence ~ to enter more deeply, eventually FULLY, into the physical world. This is the transformation we are here to do.

This lifetime is not about getting higher to transcend the physical plane. We are en-light-ening this dimension… Our relationship to ourselves is the key factor… We become the living channels through which the love of our inner self, our spirit, is downloaded into the very depths of matter…

~ RECONNECTION (Key Passage)

We are already in a powerful preparation phase – as we release our restrictive patterns and beliefs, as we open our hearts to ourselves and to each other, and as we open our minds to our world and to our possibilities.



In THE POWER OF THE HUMAN HEART, I relate the spontaneous experiences that gave me glimpses of another reality: finding myself ”in the now” ~ the spacious, timeless zone between our thoughts.

Further explorations in that realm have shown me the energetic nature of our world that is the backstage of our physical existence.

I became aware of being alive beyond the body: a far greater sense of self that spans a range of dimensions. As an individual part of an infinite cosmic whole I felt tremendous peace and trust. I realized how, in spite of appearances and worldly concerns, everything is right on course. And that we are each fully supported when we align with the flow of our personal and collective evolution.

Perhaps through my tangible descriptions of my own and others’ experiences you may gain insight into, or find confirmation of, your own multidimensional nature: your expanded self ~ your beyond-the-body existence as an energetic, eternal being.

This awareness ~ of our true being, interconnectedness and oneness ~ will forever alter the way we think, feel, and interact; bringing in a new age of openness and cooperation, and the advanced energy technologies that reflect this.

We each participate in this shift through the opening of our hearts, growing in presence, in our daily lives.

And by joining together in nature and in gatherings, in sharing circles, stillness, sacred ceremonies and celebrative song, we uplift our hearts’ vibration in preparation and in gratitude.