We are the generation of transition. We are opening up to a new paradigm. And it’s uncomfortable for us because we have been brought up in the old one. We are disconnecting from old patterns. Changing on a neurological level is like experiencing a nervous breakdown, borderline sanity, because nothing we knew is left to connect to. We are here to develop the sensitivity to see things in new ways and change our patterns. We are giving birth to a new self.

                                                                                        ~ What the Bleep?! ~ Down the Rabbit Hole

Our real work here, whatever our social job, is this individual and collective rebirth. We are freeing ourselves so that we, and all of humanity, can regain our conscious state. We are developing self awareness, a sense of detachment from which we can watch the age-old patterns at work without becoming caught up in them time after time. And as we do this they drop off. We are going through this transformative process for our own happiness and our own freedom, as well as for the evolution of our species.

This is the era of our awakening. Everyone is part of this change. Not everyone is aware of this, and not everyone need be. We do not need to know the bigger picture, nor can we, for it is gargantuan. Yet to catch a glimpse of it inspires and encourages us. It allows us to understand, when something feels like it is going pear shaped, that what we go through every day is part of freeing ourselves and humankind. What may feel like a problem is just a symptom, the beginning of the solution. For the new to come, the old has to change. As a result of our rising consciousness, we are all undergoing a degree of psychological transformation. We are being shaken awake. To find out who we really are, we do have to discard what we are not. This process is not necessarily comfortable. No one enjoys to be woken up! Yet it is highly beneficial.

As we shed the old conditionings, the limiting patterns and beliefs that previously made up our personalities, the persona, the mask, is thinning. We are being led, layer by layer, through an adventure of deeper self discovery. We are becoming closer to our authentic being.

If we are sensitive, open and flexible we can feel the evolutionary impulse of life flowing through us and go with the stream. We are each being coaxed to reveal and release the deeper hurts of humanity. Everything that is not in tune with the rising vibration on Earth becomes noticeably off-key. All our inner doubts, all our unloved shadow parts and all our unaired hurts are being unearthed. Our very identities, our beliefs and our relationships are being, ever more rapidly, both dismantled and expanded. Through a succession of breakdowns, breakups and breakthroughs, we are breaking free.

This is all part of our awakening: a worldwide shift in the human psyche. Outmoded mind structures are crumbling fast. Old patterns and grievances may be retriggered for healing. Some old habits may be sticky. If they get you down, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and be patient with yourself and others. While becoming more open, and hence more sensitive, we are also discovering a sense of deeper calm, detachment and peace of mind. In the midst of these internal renovations we are fast learning to center ourselves, and to release, let go, and trust in the process.

I must be willing to give up what I am

in order to become what I will be.

                                        ~ Albert Einstein