Tough Times for Earthlings… or Blessings well Disguised?

Most people are finding life rather full-on these days. Many are experiencing increased intensity, emotional and physical challenges and changes. This is not an individual happening due to mistakes, misfortune or mid-life crisis! It is part of a collective process ~ a quickening of human evolution ~ that is written in the stars.

This is not because life is being beastly to us! Each challenge is a blessing in disguise, steering us to further awakening. These are times of tremendous understanding, release, healing and personal growth ~ but in order to expand we do have to notice our inner hurts, doubts and fears.

At some stage in our personal evolution we all have to go through this process of deep self discovery ~ more or less smoothly depending on how we take it. It is an inevitable part of our growing in love and our return to wholeness.

So life has been putting us through and bringing out all the elements ~ within ourselves, others and life itself ~ that we have yet to accept and appreciate: all our inner doubts, all our unaired hurts and all our unloved shadows.

Uncomfy as this may feel at times, we do want to recognize our deep core beliefs, feelings and patterns because, unheeded, they are the very force within us that attracts unwanted happenings towards us. (For the sole purpose of bringing these buried feelings to our attention!)

And as we find and embrace the small, less glorious, unloved parts within us ~ recognizing all our habitual emotional patterns to be simply part of the insecurity of the human psyche ~ we grow vastly in compassion, wholeness, trust and peace of mind.

We are all being brought to release what is not really us and to recognize that which is. To expand the beliefs and roles we have identified with so far, to let go of whatever holds us back, and to discover and accept the shadow parts of ourselves and our loved ones. In this way we become more grounded, more genuine, more open hearted, and closer to our authentic being.


This awakening has been an accelerating process since years and is increasing in intensity as our unconscious, unloved parts become noticeably out of tune with the rising consciousness on Earth.

“These times can look dark and troubled, but remember: the brighter the light, the darker the shadows. It is because we have done the first steps in self love that embracing the shadow is simply the next thing on the list!”


Let’s be very clear here: our shadow parts are not the problem. Repressing and condemning them ~ cause we have been told they are bad ~ is. This splits us, isolating us from deep feelings (such as inadequacy, mistrust, hurt, and hence reactive control patterns) that we are here to heal.

Understanding the shadow effect*, how it rules our daily lives, and the importance of our inner reconciliation in these times, is of utmost value.

Not only is our personal shadow reflected by what we attract, but also our collective shadow is magnified in our worldwide situation. (Read a key passage from The Power of the Human Heart: The Shadow in the Mirror)

As an interconnected part of the human consciousness, our greatest contribution to the uniting of humankind is to dissolve separation by creating peace and harmony within ourselves.

So the ride these days may not always be that comfy, yet it offers us huge benefits (far greater than Social Security!)

With every wave we surf we become clearer, better understanding the process and the gifts of going with the flow. We become more accepting and appreciative of the perfect set-up of life, and trusting in it to perfectly guide us to our full human potential and destiny.



count your blessings

Amber Dawn

Joshua Tree, California

Summer 2011


FOR MORE INFO on these revealing and healing times, you may like to read two key passages:


* For those who seek to increase self understanding, love  and inner peace, by recognizing and embracing our own repressed shadow sides ~ I well recommend THE SHADOW EFFECT film (interactive version) by Debbie Ford