(This popular chapter from my book starts off rather humorous, becomes very practical and then expansive…)


It’s easier to ridicule than it is to investigate. But less profitable.  

                                                                                                       ~ Steven Greer


Perhaps take this as an exercise in widening…


Life is not always that straightforward for us Earthlings ~ multidimensional beings that we are, squeezed into disposable containers and tossed mindfolded into a limited version of reality, without as much as a Lonely Planet Travel Guide to Earth. At least the food is good down here and we get hot showers and internet while we work out the acceptance thing!

Lonely planet, however, it is actually not. We may be on the outer edge of our spiral galaxy, still the most intrepid travelers are flocking to see what’s going on here. It seems that an intergalactic aide mission has been set up for planet Earth and beautiful beings are crossing dimensions to visit.

It’s inevitable that we locals would feel inferior if we saw these tall white travelers with high-tech gadgets whizzing around our globe. It would blow our fragile self esteem. Many a native culture has lost its own identity by the apparition of the white man and his sophisticated technology, and of course, an advanced, ethical race would be very careful not to do the same to us. Wouldn’t they?

Some describe the ethereal beings they have seen, moving trans-dimensionally into our world, radiating warmth, nobility, honor, and a silent power and dedication that is sacred.

 “There’s something stunningly beautiful and majestic about these beings, and they seem to be waiting and watching over humans at the same time.”

                 ~ Stuart Wilde

Others have a vested interest to keep us ignorant of our ancestry and our interaction with other beings. One can better give this amazing topic the deserved curiosity, without fear, if one hasn’t watched the inevitably scary Hollywood movies. Our DNA is an energy pattern that is found throughout the galaxy and thus creates similar life wherever it can. Hence our cosmic cousins are humanoid. Like us, they come in different colors, shapes and sizes. Those who are able to cross space and time are of course rather evolved.


Way back in 2001, which feels now like a lifetime ago, I was handed some pages of witness testimonies to the extraterrestrial phenomenon. There were some big names in there such as astronauts Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper, and Werner von Braun, the father of US rocketry. There were members of the British Ministry of Defense ~ including Lord Hill-Norton, former head of the Ministry ~ two Commanders of US underground nuclear bases and John Callahan who was high up in the FAA (The US Federal Aviation Authority). There were other high-ranking military, aviation and NASA personnel.

I was always curious about this topic, as we all are, yet still I suspected the conference advertised wouldn’t be conclusive. I was wrong. It was our 12 year old daughter who insisted we drive the 100 kilometers to watch it. We had no idea of the revelation in store.

That memorable night, we were shown a video of a Press Conference held in May 2001 at the Washington Press Club, sponsored by the White House correspondent at the time of the Clinton administration.

“Disclosure Project” was formed by Dr. Steven Greer in a joint effort to bring out the hidden truth behind our interaction with off-planetary races, and the sophisticated free-energy technologies since long developed that would transform our social power structure. All in all, we saw six hours of testimonies from dozens of military, corporate and scientific witnesses. The evidence was dry, non-sensational, and undeniable.

When we walked out of that room, a new dimension of life had opened. The sky never looked the same again.

It’s not that I ever had a problem with believing in the possibility of extraterrestrial life. In such a vast universe, it is plainly logical that we are not the only planet with intelligent life forms. However, it was the closeness and the extent of the interaction that surprised me. Fear of ridicule, for one, keeps the topic well smothered. Even I felt shy at first of broadcasting my new discovery in case people thought I was wacky. I wrote to my friends, “If you want to think I am gullible and stupid that’s understandable, but do your homework first.”

Steven Greer has briefed members of Congress, CIA Directors, senior Pentagon officials, international heads of state, senior scientific leaders and other officials worldwide, to inform them of this secrecy. He has notified numerous insiders, working within the military-industrial complex, of the covert agendas of the backstage world rulers. There is much dissension now within these covert operations.

In tune with the changing times, many working in these highly classified areas and members of the secret “elite” are now undergoing a change of mind and heart. Having understood the exact agendas and the level of deception they are collaborating with, many are not, or no longer, in agreement with such plans.  “Well, I thought we were keeping this secret so the enemies wouldn’t get it,” or “I thought we had to keep it quiet not to collapse the economy,” or, “…to protect the oil industry.” Aware that they can assist to bring out the new energy technologies, they are now coming forwards.

Disclosure of the existence of off-planetary cultures has been on the menu since a long time, and is now imminent. The question is: which version will we get? The false picture of hostile aliens can further justify the push for tight control by a global government.

This agenda was already known of by Werner Von Braun back in the ‘70s, potentially including the threat of a hoax alien attack using UFOs, which have been built on Earth since decades. Perhaps this move can no longer be pulled off at this stage of insider awareness, yet it is still recommendable to be informed. Genuine UFOs are notably identifiable by their low profile.


There are also many stories that we have been genetically either upgraded or downgraded by an alien race. It is like political parties: whichever one you choose you get the same thing. It is wise to avoid duality, drama, and swallowing any picture that puts us in a position of powerlessness. As with any information about hidden powers behind the scene, what matters is not what power anyone may or may not yield over us, but what power we have.

In truth everyone on this planet, whatever rank or social position, has the same creative power. We all have one heart, one vote each.

Whether “bad aliens” are designed to scare us ~ programmed, bio-robotic life forms ~ or whether they are only the energetic manifestation of our own dark, not yet reconciled, shadow; whether we have been upgraded or downgraded… the trick is not to feed any dualistic picture, not to give your energy to any camp but your own. Your heart is your strength. Love is always our protection.

There is so much we can focus on that is rock solid, practical, and beneficial. And as we start to discover more about our wondrous world, we recognize that things are really not as they seem. Our logical, linear minds find answers the best they can, but these are, truly, only concepts. The day will come when we see our reality from an expanded viewpoint, and we shall be more than amazed about our world, our lives, and ourselves.


The evidence of free-energy technologies is now widespread in the scientific community and reaches back more than one hundred years to the inventions of Nicolas Tesla. However, almost none of the available information has been made public.

It can make you very mad or sad that our world has been denied these advanced technologies that would have given us all a very different life on this planet. Yet these feelings empower us to take our governance into our own hands. By now we have all had so enough of pollution and abuse on all levels that we are really ready to move on to a new world. A sustainable and abundant flow of free energy is available to us. When the energy dynamics in our own lives are largely cleaned up, these clean, free-flowing energy technologies will be the expression ~ the reflection ~ of the increased awareness on our planet. We will inherit these technologies when our actions display the same level of integrity.

This is the time to take the reins of our own life and lift ourselves beyond victimhood and thus beyond abuse. Then we can openly relate with our galactic neighbors in the spirit of co-operation. We cannot just be “saved” for it goes against the law of freewill.

The integrity of these advanced ethical races requires them to leave us alone to develop our own maturity. They cannot interfere or infringe on our development as they would become karmically entangled with us, putting us again in a position of dependency. However, same as with the technology, some information has been passed down to us, through various channels, in order to assist our progress.

Our history and our evolution are interwoven with other races. The archeological evidence of ancient higher cultures is undeniable. There have always been different levels of civilization on this planet at any one time. Planet Earth is a galactic melting pot of races from different places; a nature reserve, an island in a cosmic sea. These visitors are both from our future and our own higher consciousness ~ “extraterrestrial” in that there are a part of ourselves that exist outside of Earth’s matrix. The mind boggles.


To glimpse the holographic nature of life, consider that each solar system is just an atom of a much larger being. And to conceive that this all lies within us, imagine that each atom of your body is in fact a solar system. The universe lies within… Modern physics confirms that time is not linear and to traverse distances in the universe is not so much a physical matter as it is transdimensional. The way out there lies within. The mind gives up…


Amidst this mind-blowing information, our heart is the one thing that connects all of us. Our cosmic cousins have, like us, similar human feelings and expressions, somewhat more refined and delicate. They have crashed, been shot at, and been arrested on our planet, and if faced with hostility they can, like us, feel lost, alone, and scared… and a long way from home.