Many have noticed the fullness of life increasing. There is much happening at once, new perspectives opening and new feelings arising. As life increases in intensity, we may notice at the same time a growing sense of detachment, calm and inner peace.

In the last decade, our personal growth ~ and humanity’s evolution ~ have been accelerating exponentially. Unresolved issues have been pushed into the open, and fears and hurts have been triggered for healing. We have all done tremendous inner work, and as we clear our own blocks we open our minds and hearts to acknowledge more than ever before.

As we stop to catch our breath on this sometimes bumpy ride, we may ask ourselves, “What is going on here?”

Where are these rapid changes leading us to?

What’s going on is our own inner awakening ~ and that of humankind. Through breakdowns and breakthroughs, life on Earth is shifting. This accelerated evolution is expanding our personalities, our minds and our hearts far beyond what we have been.
The way calls for honesty, sensitivity, humility and love.

We can have little idea, from our current perspective, of the expansion that will unfold on Earth as soon as we are ready.
As we now embrace and dissolve our own shadows we are building our personal integrity and therefore our core strength.

Parallel, in the outer world, old shadowy and abusive power structures are losing their grip on us. Our societies will transform as major disclosures, discoveries and inventions in all areas of life are made public.

We will also learn of, and embrace, other human civilizations ~ which have since long been part of our spiritual and technological development on Earth ~ but there is still a bit time.

We are each being asked to open, and as we do so we are becoming more connected.             Our understanding of ourselves and our world will vastly deepen ~ as we come to see what lies beyond, or rather within, our physical reality. This revelation of our own inner energetic being is the next logical step in our human evolution.

Indeed, our growing appreciation, awareness and presence finally enables us to recognize and reconnect to our own inner life force ~ our higher self, our expanded being ~ the one eternal spirit that resides within us all.

This is the dawning of a new age for mankind ~ as we release the beliefs and judgments that kept us small, as we free ourselves from the shackles of hurt and fear that hitherto held us in the old paradigm. We shall each blossom to our individual, spiritual and psychic potential, and a new world ~ one of heightened awareness, compassion and advanced clean technologies ~ will develop.

Our current homework now is to address whatever holds us back, daring to trust in ourselves and in life’s guidance. To simply prepare ourselves, one day at a time, through the continuous opening of our minds and hearts.




Dawning of a new age

Amber Dawn


Jan 2012

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