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Just like the wind can change direction
Just like the moon changes shape
I was a traveler headed to nowhere
Just like a ship without a sail

There’s complete transformation
As you journey through the night
Feel the love, feel the wind
Feel the fire under your wings

Eagles fly across the ocean
Magic islands, you’re going home
Meet the woman you’ve been waiting for
And she takes your breath as you walk in through her door…

And I will dream eternally
For you to find your way to me

Just like the stars are home to me
Inside your heart I will be
And I will lead you through the door
In time to reach the other shore….

The other shore, a warm embrace
Speaks of affection, and living grace
The other shore, the human heart
Awaits in silence…a brand new start!







Lyrics by Stephan Jurjahn
Bali, spring 2010

Composed, produced and recorded by Amber Dawn and Stephan Jurjahn

Music and vocals by Stephan Jurjahn, Lindsey Wise and Jarrah Kurth ~


© 2012 Amber Dawn