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Are you ready to sing, are you ready to play
Can we all feel the dawning of the day?

Let us celebrate,
welcome to the dance
It’s time to join together,
none of us is here by chance

Feel the love, in the air
Feel its presence, everywhere

All we do is in preparation, let us spread our wings
All we do is in celebration, life is an offering

We are setting free our hurts and hearts
We are awakening to a brand new start

Going beyond all that we have been
Wonders lie ahead beyond our wildest dreams

All we do is in preparation
let us spread our wings
All we do is in celebration
life is an offering






Lyrics by Amber Dawn
Bali, 2011

Composed, produced and recorded by Amber Dawn and Stephan Jurjahn

Music and vocals by Stephan Jurjahn, Serena Stillwell and Dana Larson ~ see CREDITS >>

hm em hm A hm em G A

© 2012 Amber Dawn