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We are the children of the Earth
Children of the stars
We are the living seeds
We are the living sparks

Never a time I did not exist
Never a time I will cease to be
Holding the vision
Carrying the dream
Part of the whole
Timeless endless soul

Let us live your dream for you, let us dance your dance
Let us show your love through us, through our beating hearts

Let us be the living flames, that warm and light the way
Let us sing your song for you, and we’ll bring in the day

Our souls hear you whisper
“A new world will be born”
So let us be your angels
And we’ll bring in the dawn

We will be your warriors, children of the sun
Light will be our sword and love will be our gun

Let us all remember what we came here for
The turning of the tide… the opening of the door…







Lyrics by Amber Dawn
Bali, summer 2010

Composed, produced and recorded by Amber Dawn and Stephan Jurjahn

Music and vocals by Stephan Jurjahn, Lindsey Wise and Jarrah Kurth ~ see CREDITS >>

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© 2012 Amber Dawn