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Come sit beside me now, let me hold your hand
So when tomorrow comes, you’ll still be my friend
You mean a lot to me, what can I say?
To put a smile on your face, and chase these clouds away

Now I know there are many reasons for our time to tick away
Yet the only thing I wish in the world is you would stay

And I will play for you, the whole night long
Yes, I will play for you till you feel strong
I’ll show you places in our dreams where we belong
I really feel for you, this is your song

Yes, there will always be a place for you inside my heart
And I wish you all the love in the world and a brand new start

For I always will remember you as the friend you truly are
When I look up at the sky in the night at the brightest star

And I will hold you now forever more
Yes I’ll hold space for you in my heart’s core
Reconnect to trust… till our hurts release
And waves of fear subside… in an ocean of peace…









Lyrics by Stephan Jurjahn
Sequoia National Park, spring 2011

Composed, produced and recorded by Stephan Jurjahn

Music and vocals by Stephan Jurjahn and Jarrah Kurth ~ see CREDITS>>

em am
em G D A C D em
hm A em G A em
em C em G D em

© 2012 Amber Dawn