A New Dawn
“These times can look dark and troubled, but remember: the brighter the light, the darker the shadows. It is because we have already done the first steps in self love, that embracing the shadow is simply the next thing on the list.”

“That is why it is the darkest before the dawn. The dark is not the enemy; it is just the unconscious part of us, the last and deepest residues of humanity’s stored pain, that is calling for healing.”

~ Embracing our Shadow


Our relationship to ourselves is a key factor because we are a bridge: it is through our fundamental inner relationship that we each facilitate the light of consciousness, the light of love, to become increasingly present in our world.”

~ The Befriending

“As we establish the connection within us, the part of us that constantly criticizes and condemns our apparent imperfections, becomes aware of the split, the disempowerment, and the hurt this causes within. Judgment turns to compassion. Separation to reunion.”

~ Healing of the Human Heart

“When we are happy with ourselves, everything else falls into place. We become our own best friend rather than our own worst enemy. Is there really anyone else you’d rather be? It’s only a matter of fine-tuning.”

~ Healing of the Human Heart

“It is only in the warmth of love that we can fully open, only with the light of love that we can dare to seek whatever lies within us, and only with the power of love that we have strength.”

~ Mirrors and Magnets

You do not need another person to fulfill you for you are whole within yourself. You do not need another person to love you, for within you, you are love.”

~ Love is in the Air


“It is the depth of our self worth that is the gauge of our ability to believe in ~ and thus create ~ a better world for ourselves.”

~ A Change of Heart

“Our very identities, our beliefs and our relationships are being, ever more rapidly, both dismantled and expanded. Through a succession of breakdowns, breakups and breakthroughs, we are breaking free.”

~ A Shift of Feeling

“Our inner relationship is a lifetime journey of opening and self discovery. Through it all strength and wisdom comes.

… It is the key to all other relationships: personal, social and cosmic. It is the ladder we are building to the stars.”

~ The Befriending

“All the great souls who have graced this Earth, and all those who still walk among us, all those who have seen far and wide, come to the same conclusion. For compassion is a key force that leads us out of separation, guides our hearts out of pain and reveals our unity with all that is.”

~ Healing of the Human Heart

“Accept, agree, acknowledge, allow, approve and appreciate! The world becomes a far friendlier place.”

~ Surrender Now

“Consciousness cannot be imposed on matter, anymore than our own knowledge can be imposed on someone else. Only through experience can it become incorporated. Hence we are the bridge, the link between awareness and matter, the living tools that channel spirit into form.”

~ The Befriending
Strictly speaking, consciousness is not evolving, since consciousness is already evolved. It is rather that our physical matter is becoming gradually filled, increasingly imbued, with consciousness.  The light is starting to come through.”

~ A Shift of Feeling

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