A New Dawn
“We are each being coaxed to reveal and release the deeper hurts of humanity. Everything that is not in tune with the rising vibration on Earth becomes noticeably off-key. All our inner doubts, all our unloved shadow parts and all our unaired hurts…”

~ A Shift of Feeling

“Life is a balance of fun and homework; and when we understand what we are doing, that each of us is helping to free the collective human psyche from its burden of self doubt, pain, and fear, then even the homework becomes more enjoyable.”

~The Renewal


“I now knew that the key to paradise is always in our own pocket. I knew that the future of humanity lies too in our own hands.”

~ Shift Happens

“As we move through the twilight days of our current world paradigm, bear in mind that we are all creating this transition with the power of our hearts and our dreams.”

~ A Gift of Love

“With acceptance and self approval we stay quietly centered inside. We steer our ship, through clear and calm waters, towards the new dawn.”

~ Change of an Age

“Remember your dreams, reach for the stars, and invite them into your life through increasing presence. And next time someone asks you for the time, you can simply say, ‘The time is now.'”

~ The Time is Now

If we want to get somewhere we do have to walk in that direction.”

“There is no point clinging to the rocks when the powerful river of life is flowing towards a beautiful dawn.”

~ A Gift of Love

“There is a time for power and a time for material growth and then, like the dusk falls, like the winter comes, there is the time for a return to softness.”

~ Return to Softness



“Feel that all we do is in preparation, see that all we do is in celebration.”


It is not really that time is moving faster, but rather that as our consciousness expands more is happening within a set time frame ~ a day, a week, or a year ~ than ever before.”

~ Beyond the Veil

“What is for the left brain the end of time, is for the right brain the discovery of endlessness. The tiny moment of “now” is a portal into eternity.

…It is not scary to step out of our mind, into the mindless, timeless state. It is the end of separation. It is re-union. It is blissful.

 ~ Window into Eternity

“This is the state of full consciousness, without the limitations of our left brain, beyond linear time-space perception, the state of no-mind in which we experience eternity: the end of time…  

…Words betray the simplicity of this state. The sense of peace and ‘ah-ha ~ of course, how could I possibly have forgotten?’      It is the state of direct experience. It is the consciousness of a small child, immersed in oneness. Become like little children to enter the kingdom of heaven.”

~ The Awakening of the Human Race

“When all else that stands between us and our divine essence is shed, love is all that remains.”


“This Insight, this Awakening, is our graduation day. Our own journey of self discovery and growing in love culminates in the recognition of our spiritual identity. …

Our entire lives have been a preparation, an embryonic period of gestation in the enclosed darkness of the womb. Looking at it from the perspective of a chick, we soon get to peep out of the egg…

We have all chosen to take part in this transformation and to receive its gift, a gift of love that we have all worked for ~ the keys to a new world.”

~ The Awakening of the Human Race

“If I had not had some, albeit minimal, experience of this, I would think this is science fiction, out of reach. It is really not…. It is our own current state of full being of which we are now simply unaware.”

“A baby eagle does not know how it feels to be a bird before it takes off, for the first time, to the limitless sky.”

~ A Gift of Love