The word surrender has to us a negative connotation. But in fact it is most beautiful, because it is a doorway to the beyond. Surrender is full acceptance, allowance and approval of the way things are. It is the recognition that there is absolute intelligence behind the workings of the universe.



Throughout my life, I have been blessed with more of these magic moments. They come spontaneously, through letting go, through silence, through shock or grief, and through the words of mystics: portals into the ethereal. These gaps are windows into another dimension ~ a space that is always here for us when all else stops. They remind us of where we come from and where we always belong to: the behind-the-scenes reality which, I suspect, we shall all be experiencing in our lifetime.


Our life stories, however different from each other, have led us all to a similar place in life. We have lived and loved, lost and learned; we are looking within, and looking out, wondering what the future holds in store. It is no coincidence that we are all on the planet at this time. None of us got here by mistake.


There are many of us here who remember to remember. And through our remembering we start to wake up out of this dream. And through our stirring we stir others into waking too. And slowly but surely a new paradigm is born.


We are now reconnecting. Our relationship to ourselves is a key factor because we are a bridge: it is through our fundamental inner relationship that we each facilitate the light of consciousness, the light of love, to become increasingly present in our world.


When the seed is ready, the outer casing breaks open and a shoot, a sapling, a tree, bursts forth. We take this transformation for granted. Yet it is one of the wonders of nature that the information for a gigantic oak is contained in a tiny acorn. A seed is programmed to be mature at a certain season. For the seed to open the time and the conditions must be right; it has a certain window of opportunity.


If someone had told us years ago we would have to go through the change of an age, the dark night of the soul, face our subconscious shadows, undergo personality meltdown and withstand the obstacle course of threats that are being thrown at us, we would have crept under the carpet! Not only we made it through, we emerged stronger, warmer, and more genuine. Our human evolution is indeed well underway, unfolding in tune with the rising energetic vibration of Earth.


There are many people on the planet who are aware, on some level, of the change that is taking place on Earth. The sensitive, the intuitive and the indigenous people can feel it in the air. People of all races and all age groups are gathering together, sharing and spreading the light through ceremony and sacred space, through song and dance, through art and all types of creative expression. We celebrate our wholeness, our diversity and our oneness. We express our humility and our power, our love for ourselves, for each other and for the divine.


Strength and softness are not opposites. In fact, our softness is our strength. If you feel that toughness is your protection, then the idea of a return to softness is very scary indeed. Let’s look again at a seed. From the early stages of vulnerable, naked softness, it develops a hard outer shell to protect its inner growth. It has to be resistant to outer influences. Once it has matured within, the shell softens again ~ as the seed expands ~ and bursts open to enable the seed’s fruition, its fulfillment, its very purpose. If the protective shell remains hard, the seed cannot open, grow and bloom. I propose that the season is right. The time is now. I propose you are the seed and you are ready. You are all you need to be.

                                                                                                                         ~ from RETURN TO SOFTNESS


Our intuition lives in misty realms; hunches against reason, spaces we can glimpse but not define, recall but not remember. Our intellect, limited by language and physical time-space perception, cannot grasp what lies beyond. And yet these spaces are as real as anything we can touch. More so even. The intangible energy that we begin to sense is the very essence of which our world is built. Quantum physics is only just starting to perceive the immensity and the complexity of what we cannot see.



When I say we may be over suffering, that we may not need it anymore as a tool for growth, people look at me as though I was trying to change the laws of the universe. Well, life is in constant change, is it not? It evolves. Because of the density of matter, a certain amount of resistance is intrinsic to the physical world. So downloading the light into matter has indeed required a certain amount of overcoming, a certain amount of working against resistance. Yet soon enough, consciousness will become fully merged with matter, and the very source of our struggles will cease to be.


Since we are all becoming every day more aware ~ and this awareness is spreading across the planet (through the people, its cells) ~ is it not just logical  that when enough people have woken up enough (to our true nature as eternal, universal beings) that this enlightenment then ripples through the Global Mind and awakens the whole body of humanity out of its collective dream: the illusion of existing only in physical reality, in a purely linear time-space reality?

And from this revelation the world would be transformed?