“A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.”

As individuals, and as a race, we may be very advanced in some areas while still taking our baby steps in others. We may be intellectually or technically brilliant, yet when it comes down to the most fundamental and necessary ingredient in life, the heart of the matter is: we are all here to develop our capacity to love. It is very simple. So while some topics may feel basic to us, this lack of base is, precisely, what weakens us. As tempting as it is to race ahead, we do well to build our lower rungs strong, for we are climbing a ladder to the stars.

“It’s more hazardous to race up a shaky ladder than to struggle on the lower rungs while making them secure.”

In our desire to get further faster, we tend to skip some steps. This leaves us rather ungrounded and is the cause of much emotional instability, lack of self appreciation and other issues in our modern culture. We have largely become separated from ourselves, from our sacred inner connection, and from our sense of gratitude and reverence towards life.

We are now reconnecting. Our relationship to ourselves is the key factor. We are a bridge: it is through our fundamental inner relationship, through our daily work and presence, that we each facilitate the light of consciousness, the light of love, to become increasingly anchored in our world.

This lifetime is not about getting higher, to transcend, to escape the physical plane. We are en-light-ening this dimension. The only way beyond it is through it. Hence life repeatedly brings us down to the ground, to our base until we embrace it. It is thus, through the ups and downs of life, that we build our internal ladder. Linking and integrating all our parts we open our inner lines for wisdom to flow. We become the living channels through which the love of our inner self, our spirit, is downloaded into the very depths of matter.


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