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… Our life stories, however different from each other, have led us all to a similar place in life. We have lived and loved, lost and learned; we are looking within, and looking out, wondering what the future holds in store. It is no coincidence that we are all on the planet at this time. None of us got here by mistake.

… Any reluctance to embrace the future comes from the hurt and fear we still carry ~ due to not realizing that life has always been, and will always be, our friend. Hence, more conceptual information may seem daunting or unrealistic, until we have regained trust in ourselves and in the guiding process of Life.

… To grow in love, to deepen this sacred connection, is the one reason we are all, all together, on this planet. We are all here to heal our hurts and our hearts, in preparation for, and participating in, a great shift ahead.


 Life is speeding up technologically, intellectually, biologically and energetically. To prepare and steady ourselves emotionally we need a solid foundation: a strong core of self worth and deep-seated trust.

… Indeed it is the depth of our self worth ~ our self trust and hence our trust in life ~ that is the gauge of our ability to believe in, and thus create, a better world for ourselves.

… We need to air our love here; to see that we are, and always have been, okay. It is only our own judgment, and that of society, our mirror, that has split us. Therefore it is now only with self love that we can really face our shadow parts without condemning, and thus dividing, ourselves further. And as we look around with newly found compassion, we find that within each of us lies no wrongdoer, but rather a split and hurt soul protecting itself from anticipated pain.

… Through complete acceptance of ourselves, others and the world, we reclaim our wholeness. In our wholeness we regain the trust and joy of our early childhood: powerful, playful, and open. It is the state of original innocence we never lost, but just misplaced for a while.

… So it is not about improving who we are; it’s about finding who we are, and being more than just okay with it: loving it. It’s about our own self discovery, our own reunion with ourselves, and our return to wholeness.

… We are now rapidly discovering how much more we, and our lives, can be. We are beginning to understand the energetic laws that govern our world, the degree of interconnectivity and the power of our own influence. We are just beginning to glimpse our human and planetary potential. Very soon we shall be offered an unparalleled chance to recreate our world reality, to go to a totally new level of awareness, a new level of existence, which is beyond victimhood, abuse and suffering. It is already in the making.


Indeed, Earth and its inhabitants are undergoing a boost in evolution. Old issues are being forced out and new information is coming in fast and furious. Our personalities, relationships and beliefs are changing rapidly, being both dissolved and expanded. Everything that is unloved is being pushed to the surface.

… We came to realize that we actually create our own reality and that the hurt we attract is a reflection of our own unloved shadows. It is through understanding, acceptance, and compassion, by opening our hearts to embrace all we are, that we open the door to a new world.

… Amongst other material, I share my experience of the law of attraction, my understanding of the role of suffering, and the keys to dropping victimhood. I describe my openings to unconditional love, and instances of finding myself “in the now” ~ the timeless zone between our thoughts ~ and some portals that take us there. I speak too of the changing ages and how they affect our daily lives. I describe “the Quickening” foreseen by the Maya thousands of years ago. I give numerous examples of the interconnected nature of our world and of our multilayered existence. And I portray my own discoveries of my energetic being and the energy world: that which lies beyond, or rather within, our physical reality.

… Now if some of these concepts are new to you, don’t worry. Some were new to me until recently and indeed to most of us. This knowledge is part of the awakening of the human race from its unconsciousness. We are like kids with a new toy, figuring out how our world really works. Many of us can feel an undercurrent of change on our planet and that something extraordinary is in the making. It is a most wonderful time to be alive!

… We shall soon all be granted the awareness of what lies beyond the veil. We are about to discover that we are not just a physical body but an energetic being of eternal and infinite nature. And from that viewpoint we shall acquire a vast inner understanding of our world, our interconnectedness and our oneness. How we integrate and maintain this awareness depends solely on the openness of our hearts.

… These times are calling for a massive healing of hearts, for which we are each here to do our part, for ourselves and for all humanity.

… For it is in knowing ourselves to be innocent, seeing that life has always served our evolution, and feeling that the world is our benevolent loving guide, that we can welcome change and go with the flow. It is in making this very shift in our core beliefs that we transform the vibration on this planet to a new frequency, thus ~ through the power of our hearts ~ creating a new world.

This is our sacred journey.




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