Since it’s far nicer to read on paper I do recommend to print and read at leisure.

I have always intended to post more key chapters and passages, however this takes time… and my life is rather multifaceted and full. So no promises!

Please note that the key chapters and passages do not convey the wide range of varied info and life stories within the book.

“Amongst other material, I share my experience of the law of attraction, my understanding of the role of suffering, and the keys to dropping victim hood. I describe my openings to unconditional love, and instances of finding myself “in the now” ~ the timeless zone between our thoughts ~ and some portals that take us there. I speak too of the changing ages and how they affect our daily lives. I describe “the Quickening” foreseen by the Maya thousands of years ago. I give numerous examples of the interconnected nature of our world and of our multilayered existence. And I portray my own discoveries of my energetic being and the energy world: that which lies beyond, or rather within, our physical reality.”

~ Introduction: A Change of Heart


The chapters posted so far relate largely to our inner relationship ~ our personal foundation of self love and trust ~ an essential base for these fast-moving times.


Some potentially upcoming chapters and passages are:

The Bright Side of Struggle and Strife

Coping with the Quickening

The Unstoppable Rise of Consciousness

The Awakening of the Human Race